Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dead Plants!

I'm looking at a dead plant right now. I tried my hardest to keep it going. But it just won't live. I trimmed the leaves, added some Miracle Grow, watered it but the sucker won't grow. Sometimes I find that is the story of my life. You trim the fat, add some inspiration, read those motivational books, but you just can't grow.
We are really just plants! Same foundation. Same inspiration. Why can't we grow? I have been taking another self inventory. Yeah, I bet you are enthused!  I do this regularly. It helps. Maybe if you keep looking at yourself, you may discover what you need to improve. I don't want to be a dead plant. I want to make a difference. I may not be everything I wanted to be, but I want to do that. But can I make a difference? Maybe, I'm just dead weight. At the mid point in our lives, sometimes you feel like there is something dying inside. I had a thought yesterday about this. I think we look back to often and don't look ahead enough. We miss those things that are opportunities until they pass us by. Instead of regret I want to be excited about the future. I have time to do great things in my life. I have time to make a difference. I am so blessed! I've already done so much but I'm not done yet. I'm just a kid. I have half a life left. As that old saying goes, "I won't quit until they hammer that last nail in my coffin". I'm not dead yet.