Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Are We Failures??

Sometimes I think I'm a failure. What have I accomplished in life? I've screwed up in almost everything I've done. I haven't been good with women. I haven't been great with my career. And I don't know if I'll even be remembered. But I guess I keep coming back to my core. I know that I am loved. My kids love me. My wife loves me. My family loves me. And I know God loves me.
Even when I get very depressed and am feeling sorry for myself, I know there is love for me. Sometimes I don't want to admit it and I'm down, down, down...But I really know. Even if every living soul gave up on me, I would be loved by God. Will I leave a legacy? Maybe not. All I can do is try to touch people every day. Give a helping hand, stop and talk to the lost. Just be an influence for a kid. You may not have a book written about you. But I know God sees it.
What is failure? I think it's giving up or giving in. I am guilty of both. Please forgive me. I will try and do better. I know I can. I am OK. I will succeed in spite of my circumstances. I am a child of God. When God is for me, who can be against me? I have just closed a chapter in my life today. I have finished my Bankruptcy. I went to the Trustee today for the last meeting. It was a relief. Now I am moving forward. I will never give up. Now I will look to the future and strive to complete the rest of my goals. Until the day I die, I will never be at peace. There is always more to do. I want to look away from myself and look outwards to what is around me. Can you help? Keep up the good fight! Press onwards. Pray for me. I need it.
I don't believe we are failures unless we give up and die. If you need help, ask for it. I will help. I need help. We are stronger when we work together. We are not islands.
We are not failures!

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