Sunday, September 26, 2010

Is It Just Me? Or Does CA Suck?

I may be prejudice but I think California sucks. I have traveled a lot in my life and can say this from experience. I will say I enjoy the geological diversity the most of any state. It has pretty good weather. I like that I can be in the snow in the morning and at the beach that evening. It's very, very beautiful. When I'm in the wilderness of CA, it is awesome! But then you come back to reality. The politics suck. The congestion in the cities suck. The rude, aggressive, I need to work my ass off people suck. Where did we go wrong? CA has the largest population of any state. We also have the largest economy of any state. I guess we work our asses off and are a bunch of assholes. But we have one of the largest unemployment rates. There are a lot of people suffering. But "F" them. I can only think about myself. It's all about me. I am the center of the universe. Yeah, me! That's what CA is all about. People have forgotten about others. We live in a bubble or an island. We don't want to hear about the suffering. We pass by the homeless with a sneer. We really don't give a damn about anyone else. We may pretend. There are so many posers. So many liars. So many "friends" that will never be there for you.
When I've traveled to other states and other countries, I was always of the opinion that CA was on top of the world. After my journeys that is no more. We are the land "Of Fruits and Nuts". That is what we are called in the rest of the world. Not in the nice sense either. We are crazy! We suck to the rest of the country and the world. If you are just learning this, you are not a traveler. Get out more often. Think outside of yourself. We have one of the best locations on earth and we can't get our act together. Maybe we attract the weirdos. But we also allow those weirdos to inhabit our space. We are such a tolerant bunch! Live and let live! It's all relative. Do what you feel and that's right. Bull Shit!
I need my waders now. It's getting deep. Start living as a living, breathing human. Start caring about others. Stop having road rage and slow down. You will die no matter what you do. So why not make your life count. Why "F" it up for someone else? How about instead of thinking about you and yours, you think about the people that piss you off? Make their life better. Maybe then they will not piss you off anymore. Wow I must be Gandhi or something. Jeez, what a concept! How about we stop being assholes in CA and be the state that leads our country? We are able to do that. Stop sitting behind your computer or TV and get out there and make a difference. Even a nobody can lead a nation. If you believe it, you can do it!
So if you keep sitting on your butt, I will have to move. Don't do it! Let's do it together. We can change CA.


  1. Not sure my opinion has much value since I have lived more than half my life in Colorado. At the same time, I left California for some of the reasons you mentioned. I have lived in both Nothern and Southern California, and although there is a difference, I still choose Colorado. I do miss my friends, family, and the beach. But the life I have had....and especially raising my kids in Colorado....I wouldn't have changed it for anything. I have travelled to both South America and Europe....and in my travels, I found myself experiencing the life of those people and arriving home wishing for a life simplier. Most Americans need to quit "wanting" and learn to "just be". I guarantee that more people will find the meaning in life (or their calling) and will start living it. Only then they will find true happiness.