Saturday, September 4, 2010

To Sit or Stand??

This morning sitting on the pot I had a thought. I guess many men and women do a lot of their thinking on the toilet but not me. I like to do my business and just get the heck out of there. Who in their right mind would want to hang out in such a disgusting place? Even though me and my wife keep it looking sharp it's still not conducive to deep thinking for me.
So anyway, sitting there this morning in the dark, I was thinking about how I have gravitated more towards sitting even when taking a pee. Maybe laziness, tiredness, oldness, maybe just that I want to make sure I don't miss and splash on the rim. I was thinking of the stigma though. Does it mean I am less of a man if I piss sitting down? Does it emasculate me and put me in the category of metro sexual? I think not. In my mind I had many rationalizations about this subject.
It certainly keeps any stray farts from permeating the air. I am able to keep from spraying the bowl and the wall for that matter. I need the rest. It gives me time to think! Yeah that must be it. Now I know what those guys were doing for an hour when they were in the can. Not just jerking off but actually thinking! What have I been missing all these years? I just don't know to what depths this may increase my brain power. I may have to get a Blackberry so I can write my thoughts from the throne of Robinson.
Maybe not....I'll have to keep thinking on it....Excuse me while I hit the WC. ...till then

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